Connecting with the Medical State of Mind

As someone who consumes a lot of information online, I have always valued accessibility and diversity of options suitable to my needs. To that end, there are a number of ways of following this blog:

Many of the readers simply bookmark the homepage so that they can see the latest posts at a glance.

RSS Feeds
Another way to follow what goes on is via the ‘news feed’ or ‘RSS feed.’ This technology lets you subscribe to the site and be notified of updates on a variety of tools like Google Reader, Feedly, Flipboard, and many other news aggregators and feed readers. If you want to use these tools to subscribe to the Medical State of Mind you will need to add this feed

As part of the greater Tumblr directory, this is by far the most popular way that people follow this blog. The microblogging service gives you a personal account to which you are able to blog or see updates of people you have followed on a hub, known as the Dashboard. An example of the Dashboard can be seen here. Over 25,000 readers subscribe to the blog this way.

Another popular service that is tied to this blog is Twitter. Many people prefer the shorter updates, especially for the mobile phone. The updates of the blog are fed to Twitter automatically, giving you up to date content at all times. The feed can be found @medicalstate.

Social Bookmarking and Sharing

You can also keep track of and share the latest updates on the blog via a variety of social bookmarking tools. In the permalink of every post, accessed via the paperclip in the lower right-hand corner, is a section of sharing buttons in the sidebar.

Placing your cursor over the Plus button allows you to bookmark the post on one of a variety of ‘bookmarking’ sites; these include popular sites like Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon. Others include Wordpress, Pinterest, and Google+. In bookmarking the posts you have a way of finding them later when you need them and also help this blog to grow. 

Disqus Comments
As shown above, each post comes with its own comment section. Clicking on the comment link brings you to the open-forum for that post. Simply sign in with an account of your choice or by entering a name and email to begin commenting. There are options available for you to share the discussion, or to follow it via RSS or email updates.

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