Medical Inspirations

In every corner of the Internet it is filled with a diverse community of passionate writers and creative minds. Of these, there are many inspiring blogs that share the medical point of view. Be it medical interest, anatomy or narrative medicine, here are a few recommendations for those interested in the medical perspective.

Dr. Cranquis’ Mumbled Gripes

A look into the life of an American physician working in an urgent care clinic. He answers questions. He writes stories. Does he sing songs? That too.

Jay Parkinson + MD + MPH

A New Yorker Fast Company called the “doctor of the future,” Dr. Parkinson writes thought provoking entries with regard to health care.

Wayfaring MD’s Ramblings

A family medicine resident who writes about her experiences in medicine, the blog has thoughtful insights and a cheerful use of pictures and animations.

Medical Admissions

A medical student shares the silly but grounded stories of her life in school. The main feature of her blog is her admissions series.

My Life as a Med Student

Awkward moments of a doctor-to-be combined with hopes for the future and doses of humour and embarrassment.

What We Should Call Med School / What We Call Nursing

An amusing collection of situations and reactions as retold through pictures and animations.

Wife of a Doc Star

The wife of a first year medical resident writes about the exciting and frustrating moments her husband and her face on their journey of medicine.

F Yeah Medicine

The brain child of a third year medical student, this blog is dedicated to all things medicine, ranging from knowledge gained to everyday news.

Life in the ER

What follows are the  happenings and stories of an emergency room health care worker in Texas.

Amanda Xi

The musings through medical training and life of a student at the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine.

Medical School

A medical student posts interesting pictures of medicine and science that relate to what they have seen and learned.

MD Chronicles

The stories, breakdowns, and triumphs of a first year medical student.

Hart MD

This is a blog that chronicles the journey of a medical student at University of Texas Southwestern. 

Ziyad MD

A current and diverse look at the world of medicine, this medical student populates his blog with stories of student life, news, and science.

Ars Longa. Vita Brevis

A fourth year medical student, Jen writes about her life as a student of medicine. This blog combines art, fashion, music and knowledge for a well-rounded look at student life.

Articulo Mortis

A photography blog that is dedicated to the depiction of the human anatomy in its various states. (Images may be graphic)

F Yeah Anatomy

Featuring anatomy, this blog show it both in the context of medicine and how it makes its way out of the realm of just education.

F Yeah Medical Stuff

A student considering becoming a surgical technician, this blog is another extravaganza of photographs of all things medical and anatomical. (Images may be graphic)

Kevin MD

A social media aggregate for physician and students to leave their commentary and discuss the current state of medicine.

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