Poll: Disqus Yay or Nay?

As this blog continues to grow every day, I have tried to grow it organically. I recently started to more actively use Twitter @medicalstate. I have also begun to notice some reblogs with comments in them, and some readers writing messages in regards to posts I make. As a result, I have begun to think about whether to add Disqus commenting to the blog. So far though, I find that these comments are few and far between and messages are manageable.

One of my main gripes with Disqus is how awful it looks tacked on to the end of posts and pages. It seems so terribly out of place and I love to keep a clean looking interface. However, if the people speak, I will give Disqus a try as well.

For those who do not know, Disqus is a commenting add-on that you can plug into Tumblr that allows for commenting. It allows for a lot of flexibility, like the opportunity for anonymous comments, commenting restrictions, threading etc. When I first started this blog as a secondary blog, I never realized that Tumblr only allowed replies on the primary blog. The only choice then is Disqus (since Tumblr has yet to implement universal commenting like other blogging services). However, as it stands, I find it breaks the clean look of the blog (which I personally value) but does have the benefit of adding more function.

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