Dr. Brian Goldman: Redefining the Practice of Medicine from TEDx Toronto.

A cult of invincibility. A cult of infallibility. As Dr. Brian Goldman describes, these are the strong cultural threads that are hard to unravel. Like a husk, they incase a fragile or inconvenient truth: that we have strengths and weaknesses, that we are fallible and make mistakes, that we are human.

We explored this theme before in class, one that I remember was one of the few lectures that truly grabbed me. An unforgiving look at the human doctor, the faculty tried to send us a message: about the importance of self-reflection, the importance of an outlet, and the importance of support. This is how we better ourselves. This is how we better each other. Only then will we find closure in our hearts and make sure the memories of our mistakes are not in vain.

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    I’m going to check out his show. Man, it’s after watching stuff like this that I think, dammit, I am the most...
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    Redefining medical culture to allow doctors to own their mistakes without isolation and shame.
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    From the blog of a Medical Student:
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    Everyone makes mistakes.
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    Poignant truth.
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    Wow, I am glad someone has the courage to say these things.
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