Early Bird or Night Owl?

The title says it all. I am a night owl. What type of person are you?

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  1. shameless-lilies answered: Night Owl! I feel so powerful late at night!
  2. thesingingskylark answered: Night owl
  3. blitzscreen answered: Night Owl dear sir
  4. alexfornow answered: Night owl definitely. Stay up till around 3 and sleep in till 10
  5. journeytomed answered: Early bird
  6. all-names-taken answered: definitely, night owl.
  7. md-admissions answered: early bird!
  8. bbgdg answered: Early bird :) I love sunshine.
  9. divertiamoci answered: hoo hooo
  10. iluff answered: Night owl. All the fun stuff happens at night. :B
  11. nerdopedia answered: Night owl (of the before 4AM variety).
  12. giraffesanddoxies answered: early bird!
  13. linzlee007 answered: early bird!
  14. tdloveschocolate answered: Night owl ^—-^
  15. icdanci answered: Night Owl :]
  16. new-measure answered: NIGHT OWL x10000000000000000000000
  17. lamb-kissu answered: night owl
  18. rxyzyxr answered: a night owl definetely
  19. ptsd-is-a-bitch answered: Night owl!
  20. katethegreatrunning answered: Morning!
  21. you-know-what-i-did-in-the-dark answered: definitely a night owl
  22. anabundanceofkatharyne answered: Night Owl for sure(:
  23. 18farenheit answered: Night Owl
  24. outboundcorruptor answered: def night owl
  25. jdwasabi answered: Night owl!
  26. beja89 answered: rather early bird :)
  27. jogarse answered: night owl, for sure
  28. sk-ac answered: Early Bird!
  29. worldofthenebulous answered: I am definitely a night owl as well. Does not bode well for mornings…
  30. asunstruckmind answered: I go to bed late, wake up early, and take a ton of naps!
  31. pardonmyamazing answered: night owl.
  32. openminds-openhearts answered: Night owl
  33. doiha answered: definetely a Night Owl
  34. sxy240 answered: night owl
  35. lizzigator answered: Night owl.
  36. thepursuitofsymmetry answered: such a night owl
  37. hashtagbachswag answered: sort of both… I can never sleep a lot.. If I sleep more than 10hrs I get a headache
  38. insanethinker answered: early bird, i find it refreshing to study in the early mornings :)
  39. dazeidontremember answered: I wake up with the Sun and sleep as the Moon does.
  40. dasfuq answered: Night Owl. Definitely. Even if I might be tired beforehand, at 11pm, I snap to attention and can’t sleep until 7am.
  41. misorganizedchaos answered: Night owl :D Whether I want to be or not :p
  42. awaken-from-maya answered: night owl
  43. ninthfantasy answered: I was an early bird but now I’m a night owl…
  44. littlemisspearl answered: Night Owl
  45. yougotasecretsmile answered: night owl :) Can’t anything effectively if it’s sunny outside! :p
  46. beastmuffintron answered: Night Owl, hooyah
  47. madeoutofseashells answered: night owl

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