Who is Your Favourite “Doctor for Pretend?”

Let’s face it: we love our medical dramas. There’s just something unique and interesting about them. Forget the fact that the medicine and science is sometimes poorly done, we just cannot get enough of them. Of course there are also doctors beyond medical dramas. And that gives us a lot of options.

In recent times my favourite doctor is probably Dr. James Wilson from House. Portrayed by Robert Sean Leonard, I could really relate to his final season story arc. My favourite cartoon doctor is still Dr. Zoidberg. 

So who is your favourite on-screen, “doctor for pretend?” Leave your answers below.

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  3. nanadebblog answered: Marcus Welby
  4. otelrocuken answered: Meredith Grey <3
  5. medicosid answered: george clooney
  6. jacobmcdonald answered: Turk or JD
  7. nikkicola11 answered: John Dorian
  8. crazyotto answered: House
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    #1is House and #2 id Dr. Ruth
  10. aclavijo answered: MEREDITH GREY. And Cristina Yang :)
  11. feliciadelaawesome answered: Hawkeye.
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  13. tkowal answered: I love JD from Scrubs, what a hilarious show!! Is it anything like how a real hospital operates?
  14. missfayet answered: House or Dr. Greene & Abby from ER
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  16. documentingfire answered: BJ Hunnicut from MASH; also Winchester and Hawkeye
  17. time-out-of-life answered: Simon Tam, 13, and Wilson. They have a sharp wit, but they’re kind-hearted and competent, too.
  18. viktorwinter answered: Don’t forget Doctors McNamara/Troy from Nip/Tuck! A fantastic duo
  19. blogfordantreacy answered: Dr. Watson and Mark Greene from ER, quality doc right there
  20. kittenboxxing answered: I LOVE Dr. Cox from Scrubs. He is definitely my favorite :)
  21. conquerorswe answered: peter benton and addison montgomery
  22. iv-caffeine answered: Definitely Dr. Zoidberg haha. Or Dr. Cox from Scrubs
  23. onceuponatimestartsnow answered: DR. HOUSE
  24. weallcaresomuch answered: Neil Patrick Harris/Doogie Howser
  25. thelonesomecloud answered: JD and Turk for real-life docs (well Turks a surgeon…still counts). Zoidberg for cartoon doc
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    To me the mind and heart come hand in hand in a doctor- House inspired the brain, and Wilson the heart :) jiayouuuu :)
  27. divertiamoci answered: JD and Turk have always been my favorite docs to watch. Zoidberg is the Chief of cartoon medicine.
  28. calvinball-rulemaker answered: Dr. Cox from Scrubs!
  29. snigepippi answered: Doctor Who
  30. meltingflame answered: Oh, and Thirteen of course
  31. trindmaria answered: House! :)
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  33. designspiration answered: guy or mac from green wing
  34. peoplenamedlogan answered: Addison Montgomery before she went to LA and became lame.
  35. sallymd answered: It’s impossible to decide between these 4: Cameron, Wilson and House (of course! :D) from House M.D., Abby Lockhart from ER
  36. doctormccoy answered: my blog’s namesake, doctor leonard mccoy from star trek! part of my inspiration to go to med school. he has so much heart.
  37. elliesingsalot answered: For sure J.D from Scrubs!! SO funny.
  38. mustbesomethingaboutjanuary answered: I agree with you about Wilson, but I have a special place in my heart for House and Callie from Grey’s Anatomy. Hooked on both shows!
  39. rocknddoc answered: I’m a big fan of Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy. Chandra Wilson is a great actress who allows us to see the fears of the character.

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