Do you know what kind of doctor you want to be yet? Also, love the blog! Keep up the great work! :) — Asked by Anonymous

Thanks for the question and for the compliment. I really appreciate it.

I have been thinning down my list pretty heavily over the last few months. One of the easiest questions to answer is “do I want to be a surgeon?” The answer to that is no. Then all I need to do is sort out the rest.

So far, I have settled on either family medicine with a lot of additional training or internal medicine. The split is still 50/50.

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  1. chainsofmorphine said: Go for internal, oncology maybe
  2. missshootingstar said: I’m in 1st year and I think I’m leaning against surgery, and that’s all I’ve narrowed down really.
  3. spreadyawings said: that surgeon question is the bomb!, I’ve been asking myself the same question, but I have a few years to make up my mind lol
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