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Hoping for Approval.

In my experience, the most intimidating case presentations are for surgeons and internist. It is in their nature to strive for completeness, for perfection. With every piece of information I present, I pause and hold my breath, hoping to not have fumbled through a part of my history, hoping to not be picked apart.

This is exactly what it feels like. Repeat with the next case.

Do you think it would be practical for a medical student (who lives alone) to get a dog? — Asked by Anonymous

Everyone I know who has a dog has a partner or family member who can help them look after their pet. With dogs, there is a strong need to look after their exercise, their meals, and their general well-being. With cats however, they are relatively lower maintenance. 

I am personally a dog person but I would say that if you are living alone, having a dog is not very practical. This definitely becomes more of an issue once you become a clerk in the hospital and have long and odd hours. Someone will need to take the dog out for their walk or for their “number one” and “number two” needs.

Hope that answers your question!