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Shower by Old Spice.

How is this related to medicine you ask? Because the man is a surgeon trying to keep clean. Period. No exception. It may not be one of the most efficient ways to keep a sterile field, but it does keep everything pretty darn clean. 

Have you ever seen those television commercials for medications? Have you ever paid attention to the side effects disclaimer near the end? My goodness! I don’t know about you but they just scare me! And I don’t know what’s scarier, when they say the list of side effects or when they add that “the results presented are an exceptional case, your results may vary.” Could you imagine if other advertisements took the same route?
“Drive this car. It’s got 6 cup holders, satellite radio, great gas mileage and a great track record in collision tests…warning this is an exceptional case, your results my vary.”
Covering your butt is one thing but those commercials just take it to a whole other level.
A guest speaker reflects on the state of advertising for pharmaceuticals.

So much swagga yo! These are legit gangstas!