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That Horrible Feeling

When you see patients with scabies or pink eye and you feel the creepy crawlies just itching under your fingers and eyes for the rest of the day.

Jesus H. Cox, M.D.

Sadly, every one of my colleagues has met at least one person like this in their lifetime. I recently had to work with someone like this and it was not the most positive learning experience. As a learner, I do not have all of the answers, though I do my best to have one; then again, that is what this residency is all about: learning from my mistakes and learning to be better. Perhaps it was allowable in some bygone era to behave like this but not now.

Take a moment and reflect. Do you know someone like this?

On the Same Wavelength

In the span of twenty minutes while seeing a child in the emergency department, we had bonded over a variety of characters including Spongebob Squarepants, Transformers, Toy Story, Wall-E, and Justice League. 

Suffice it to say we spoke the same language and operated on the same wavelength.

Catching Up

Yesterday was special. A classmate and dear friend of mine who has been out of province for her residency came back for a weekend getaway. We had an opportunity to meet and catch up on how our respective residencies have been thus far.

While war stories were exchanged, the focus was never about the medicine side of things. It was more about how life has been and what we were up to. It was a nice change of pace from my regular conversations nowadays.

For four hours, we were able to disarm ourselves of our ward personas and talk about regular, “normal” things. From the movies we watched, to my recent vacation stories, to her relationship challenges.

At four hours, that mental vacation seemed too short.

The Dangers of Working within Paediatrics

Just when I thought I was out of the woods, I was re-exposed to the most dangerous paediatric affliction of all:


Contrary to its name, this troubling and traumatic condition is just damn hard to let go. It infects the motor and memory recall systems and results in people unconsciously humming or singing to its tune. It has the potential of infecting other people. Prognosis: Very contagious. A full recovery is possible but in the order of weeks so long as you are not re-exposed to it.

100 plays

I’m Making Believe by Ella Fitzgerald and the Ink Spots.

The day is over and the weekend has started. It is time to put on some music to help put me in a relaxing mood.

Whoever thought of…

…Embedding a Starbucks store right inside of a hospital is a genius.

These stores are make a killing of my wallet.

Two Schedules on Shared Time

The challenge of my current schedule is that I must juggle my responsibilities between my core rotation and those of my clinic, to which I am obligated to spend time as well.

Sometimes it means missing out on some good learning opportunities due to conflicting schedules. Other times, the days off of one schedule coincide with the days on of another. I can be particularly hit hard if, like today, the day could have been spent sleeping post night shift.

Thankfully these scheduling anomalies are few and far between. However, when I think about how well established the challenges of balance are in residency, having an awareness of these issues can go a long way towards improving resident resilience.

119 plays

Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra.

I have spent the past few days on a short weekend getaway with my wife. We enjoyed some attractions, nightlife, and even tried a bit of our luck. In any case, it was a great way to get away from work to focus on us and live a little.

Make It Real (Vestige Remix) by BABE.

This weekend has been one of those rare occasions when both my wife and I are free. Suffice it to say that we have taken advantage of this opportunity. It is the simple things in life that are special. We have to make them all count.