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Finishing Internal Exam Part One

Overall it was actually a very straight forward and easy exam. And that just makes it all the more painful when my nerves get the best of me and I miss the easy points.

Square yourself away and get your act together, brain!

I know people can say "oh, just don't make any mistakes," but since 1 in 57 doctors lose their medical license, how do you personally deal with that kind of pressure? I understand that there are malpractice insurances and other services to protect doctors, but with that kind of statistic, I feel like I would be too afraid to do anything if I ever manage to get into/graduate medical school :( — Asked by palooga

The thing to keep in mind is that during your training, you are constantly supervised: your work is evaluated and checked; your reasoning and thought process is scrutinized. You are constantly given feedback as to what you are doing well, what you need improvements on, and what steps you should take to make those improvements. 

There is a lot of educational cycles you go through that prepare you to work independently. It is through this period that you learn from your mistakes. You learn how to cover your bases, to rule out life threatening conditions, to understand prioritization, to do a proper work up. 

Everybody is only human. Nobody is perfect. Take it from Dr. Brian Goldman. I set high standards for myself that can be both good and bad. It can be quite hard on myself when moments do not move smoothly, but it is also what motivates me to try to learn from those moments. If I can learn from those mistakes now, I can reduce the possibility of something going awry in the future. I resign myself to the idea of doing my best to prepare myself, and eventually let the training and experience run its course and guide me. 

You cannot predict the outcome of everything, and sometimes through factors within and without, mistakes can be made. I stay on the level and humble that there are things I am uncomfortable with, things that I do not know, and things beyond my control. Keeping that healthy dose of caution and knowing where your limits are also helps to protect yourself and also your patient from harm

Dr. Brian Goldman: Redefining the Practice of Medicine from TEDx Toronto.

A cult of invincibility. A cult of infallibility. As Dr. Brian Goldman describes, these are the strong cultural threads that are hard to unravel. Like a husk, they incase a fragile or inconvenient truth: that we have strengths and weaknesses, that we are fallible and make mistakes, that we are human.

We explored this theme before in class, one that I remember was one of the few lectures that truly grabbed me. An unforgiving look at the human doctor, the faculty tried to send us a message: about the importance of self-reflection, the importance of an outlet, and the importance of support. This is how we better ourselves. This is how we better each other. Only then will we find closure in our hearts and make sure the memories of our mistakes are not in vain.

The Mistake.

Prominent doctors describe the errors that still haunt them to this day. This video that was shown in class highlights an important point about doctors that we often neglect: doctors are human beings too and can all make mistakes. It is an unavoidable consequence of being human. We are not borne of metal and hydraulics, producing perfect results every time with an inconsequential error rate; we are not machines. We are living, breathing, and thinking human beings. We can think about the problem and the circumstances that brought us to that point and we can change the way we approach a situation. We can change our ways to ensure those mistakes do not happen again. Only then will those moments not have been in vain.