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Possibly by Andrea Guerra.

This has been a tremendously difficult time for me. CaRMS has continued to be the top story of the week. There have been good news and bad news. Everyone is stressed and that is a bad environment to find yourself in. Whatever happens, I need to stay positive.

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Yellow by Coldplay.

Today’s song is dedicated to my beautiful fiancée who has been with me through it all. I proposed a year ago today and our wedding plans for late spring have been coming along nicely. This song will be a part of our music selection for the day.

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Living in Twilight by the Weepies.

Some mood music to start the day. I will be mostly away for the next few days for family gatherings and other engagements. Take care and happy holidays to everyone!

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Long Way Off by Gungor.

A morning song to set the mood as I edge ever closer to the winter break.

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This Land Is Your Land by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.

Here is some mood music to start the weekend. Over the next two days, my agenda includes: car maintenance, working on my presentation, and reviewing opioid prescribing.

Bike Song by Sleepy Dreamers.

So far, I have discovered that palliative medicine can be tremendously rewarding but also very emotionally exhausting. Some patients are at peace with their decisions of comfort care; others meet us in fear and denial. But universally, everyone shares a sense of regret over the opportunities lost, the little things missed, and the future memories that will never be.

Lost (Frank Ocean Cover) by Trails and Ways.

Three days after my exam, my mind still lingers on all of my mistakes. Now, half way through my first week on a new elective, I cannot afford to. I need to focus. I need to stay in this moment and not on what was or what could have been.

Colours In The Sky by Miami Horror featuring Cleopold.

I am going to the hospital library to study for my upcoming clinical exam this weekend. This is my motivational song of the day.

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I Feel That Too by Jessie Baylin.

Today, I received a call from a close friend and classmate on rotation across the province. It was a unexpected but pleasant surprise. We took a moment to catch up with how our respective electives were going thus far. Of course, the conversation eventually turned to CaRMS and we shared a collective groan.

"This is like applying to medical school all over again…but ten times over."

"Yeah, I feel that way too."

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Woodland by the Paper Kites.

Mood music for the weekend as I continue to work on my CaRMS applications. Ten letters complete, many more to go.