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I'm a soph in college right now and I took chem and bio freshman year and did well and am currently taking orgo this year however I plan to take physics junior year and also take the mcat the same year. Do you think I'm at a big disadvantage by not having fully completed physics before taking the mcat's? — Asked by Anonymous

I do not recall there being a lot of physics in the physical sciences section but it has been a long time since I took it. I do not think you will be at a severe disadvantage. When you are preparing for your MCAT, perhaps focus more on the physical sciences and do some practice tests. You will get a better sense of what you will need to work on. Good luck.

I'm taking Physics instead of Anatomy in high school because I'll need to take physics in college either way. Is this a good idea? Or should I switch to Anatomy (i've taken Gen. Science, Bio, Chem) i'm a senior this year and want to pursue Medicine. I've already applied to college and got in. Does it matter? Will I need to take Anatomy and Physics in college? — Asked by Anonymous

If you are thinking of pursuing medicine, I suppose studying anatomy early has some minor benefits but the truth is you will have so much exposure to anatomy that taking it this early on probably will not make much difference in the long run besides satisfying your interest.

Physics, if it is required later on in college, could be a good investment, especially if it is a pre-requisite for some more advanced classes. Unless you are thinking of going into something along the lines of an engineering or physics domain, I think that physics is not particularly useful. While it is part of the physical sciences, which is a testable subject on the MCAT, it has very little bearing practically in medicine. There is a lot more biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and physiology.

How much do you actually use organic chemistry, physics, and calculus I/II in clinical medicine...? — Asked by Anonymous

Honestly I cannot say I have used it a lot. Organic chemistry comes into play a bit when discussing things like pharmacology and understanding how drugs work but it certainly is not to the same depth of knowledge that is taught in straight organic chemistry. Biochemistry however does play a significant role when dealing with things like endocrinology and metabolism. Physics and calculus are not heavily emphasized.