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Hello! I have a quick question about expenses during medical school. How do you pay for monthly/daily expenses like housing, food, transportation, etc.? I understand that it's difficult to hold a job while attending school, so I was curious about the steps medical students take steps to prepare themselves during their undergraduate career/while taking a gap year. Thanks! — Asked by stayingmedicallyinspired

Thanks for your question jensaigal. Most of my expenses are covered through student loans and also help from my mother. I have some funds saved up from working in the past that I tap into but it is not much by any means. I will most likely take out a line of credit to help reduce the pressure.

A lot of my colleagues are older, and have a lot more money saved up from working longer; the prevailing method however is a line of credit. Most, if not all of my classmates have a line of credit. In the case of those who have partners and spouses, their significant others are helping them as well.