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History’s Worst Contraceptives by Engender Health.

A Woman’s Life by Stonehouse.

A preceptor once told me the greatest joy of his profession was watching his patients grow. Some of them he encountered later in their life. Those whom he had the opportunity to be involved with from the very beginning however hold a special place for him. It is the good times and the bad times, the times when the first tooth erupts or the first day they walk, and the times when they first go to school or graduate from college.

That is the special privilege we have to be involved in people’s lives.

How the Sun Sees You by Thomas Leveritt.

This is a fantastic video illustrating the power and damage ultraviolet rays have on our skin. This is not to say however that we cannot enjoy time in the sun at all.

Instead, make sure that if you are going to spend any length of time outside, remember to put on some sunscreen, to cover yourself properly, and to be mindful of your skin.

Complete Cardiac Transplant. (Warning: Graphic and not safe for work)

Why You Are Still Alive - The Immune System Explained by Kurzgesagt.

Is herd immunity a thing? Can vaccinated people get sick? — Asked by Anonymous

Herd immunity exists and it is well documented. In fact, there is a brilliant animation created by the Harvard Medical School that explains this process.

Vaccinations help prime your body to fight off a specific infection. However, it usually takes a few weeks for your body to create a reserve of immune cells for when you next encounter the infection again. Therefore, if you were infected just before or after receiving the vaccine, you might still get sick because the vaccine did not have ample time to provide any protection.

A summary of how vaccines work is available through the CDC.

Xanax from New in Town by John Mulaney.

Over the weekend, I discovered this hilarious bit by comedian John Mulaney about trying to procure Xanax and it still makes me grin. I would recommend listening to some of his other material as well.

Does Cauterizing A Wound Really Work? by The Medicine Journal.

Bohemian Polypharmacy sung by Aivia, concept by Dr. James McCormack.

James McCormack is a doctor of pharmacy who is well known in Canada for his work in the Therapeutics Initiative, an independent party separate from the government and the pharmaceutical industry aiming to provide evidence-based information on drug therapy.

He is perhaps lesser known for his other side projects, one of which includes making parody music videos surrounding the world of medicine and medications.

In this video, he tackles the topic of polypharmacy.