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Hearing Voices

  • Patient: You have to help me. I keep hearing voices!
  • Me: Well, according to the chart, the doctor changed your medications quite a number of times. Is this one not working for you either?
  • Patient: No, no. I think they all worked for me to some degree, even this one. But I still hear the voices. Like, I know they are not real, but I just keep hearing them everywhere I go! I think I need to increase the dose or something.
  • Me: What do the voices say to you?
  • Patient: I do not think they are talking about me. No. It's just random talk that keeps popping up when I go out. Nobody around me is speaking but that voice is loud and clear.
  • Intercom PA: Maintenance to reception. Maintenance to reception, please.
  • Patient: See, there's that voice again!
  • Me: I think I see what is going on here...