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I have two questions: First of all, I must say that your blog really serves as an inspiration to me. I appreciate all of your posts. My questions are: What is something you wish you would have done as an undergraduate to make your application to medical school more competitive (or would have made you feel more confident), and--as far as being "well-rounded" is concerned--can you be "too well-rounded)? For example, double majoring with a second major that has nothing to do with medicine. — Asked by v-ixxen

Firstly, thanks for the compliment and support. The answer to your first question I would say is to be a tad older, or at least have taken some time to get some life experience as a whole. I feel that being one of the younger students in the class, it is obvious to many that I have yet to see or do a lot in the world, experience that gives you a more mature and wholesome perspective of life, its significance and its value. Once you are in medical school, that time to explore and know yourself has to take a back seat.

For your second question, I do not think there is necessarily such a thing as being too well rounded. I have classmates with creative writing degrees, others in industrial design, and one in music. That is not even counting two of my classmates who have PhDs and had teaching and research positions in university or the another who has been a school teacher for twenty-some years. 

In a way, you could say that “all roads can lead to medicine.” Hope that this answered your question and take care.